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Tiffany Starr will be attending porn star Wendy Williams lexington party sept9th

I will be attending Wendy Williams party on September 9th  as well as do 4 shoots for her. The party will consist of me parading around in a skimpy outfit and giving lap dances to those who give me 20$. I would love to meet and talk to many of my fans there as well as make new ones. As for the shoot’s I will be having sex on the 8th for Wendy’s site “, though i’m not sure who the male talent will be. Then on the 9th before the party and the 10th I will be doing a solo shoot each day. Finally on the 11th I will be having a large orgy which will be featured on my site when it debuts. People who are suppose to be in the orgy will be Me, Wendy Williams, Foxxy from Vegas, Jewel Love, and maybe more. i’ll also be on webcam tomorrow Monday, 29th of august 2011 from around 6pm-9pm, maybe later. here is a new pic from my solo with love you all! xoxo

Me with Amy Daly!

The sexy photo shoot I took with fellow porn star Amy Daly is now up on her website. I have some samples here for you to enjoy. This was my favorite hardcore to do since i’m mostly into women and I would love to work with Amy again soon. please enjoy the pics and join my blog for more hot content. And coming soon my own website! stay tuned!

I’m back from LA!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last blog but i was making hot content in LA. day 1: I did a hardcore with my sexy friend Amy Daly for her website. Day 2: I shot for I did a solo and a hardcore, I also did a solo for my cute friend Brittany st. Jordan’s website. I then went to Transit which was a club night for hot tgirls. Day 3: I shot a bunch of sets for and inquired to Nick about becoming a SMC girl. I went to a club called RAGE with Madison Montag. Day 4: I was happy to hear that Nick was interested in making me a SMC girl and that he would be giving me a contract to do a website. I also shot for Joey Silvera that day, it was a very sexy scene where I was the teacher and he loved my look. Afterwards I went to a club called SINISTER where I was hit on all night.  Day:5: I did a hardcore for buddy wood and grooby that will be on then hung out with buddy and the girls at his cook out, where I got drunk and made an ass of myself. and day 6:the sad day, where I had to leave…but guess what? i’ll be back in September! yay! since I was gone for so long heres a few samples from shemale-club and tgirl pin ups. love you all xoxo

Sample’s from my latest shoot for all of you before I go to LA

I’m going to LA this week and I want to leave you all with some samples since I won’t be doing and Webcam shows this week. I’ll be doing cam shows again next week, until then I have to create plenty of hot and sexy content for all of you. Please enjoy these samples xoxo.

Tiffany Starr on 107.3 WAAF the rock of boston!

This is my first post ever on my blog so i’m a bit excited.

I was on the radio the other day on on the Hillman morning show. I discussed a bit about myself and my transition. Hillman was kinda an ass about the whole transsexual thing, though the others seemed nicer and even a bit intrigued. They kept staring at my breasts and I even had one of the employees there ask for my info so I think I proved my point. I would encourage you to all listen to the conversation. here’s the link

Please enjoy and try to ignore hillman being a jerk to me and the trans community. Maybe I can convince spaz to bring me back on the show after my porn site launches lol. More posts coming soon.