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Will be shooting in San Fran for 3 days.

I will be unable to post much on my blog since i’ll be super busy shooting for kink.coms new website “” I am looking forward to this shoot because I will be shooting with the sexy Ashlynn Leigh. I know mt TSseduction shoot was a mixed bag but this shoot will rock! I know the chemistry will be great and we should have a lot of fun. I also have to attend a friends birthday party so i will be busy until Tuesday morning.  I will post  2 new blogs when I get back if I cannot find the time during my trip. Not having a laptop is a huge issue for me I need to fix. Love you all!

Moving away to Texas!

So it’s starting. The packing, the changes,  everything i’m use to is about to disappear. I am moving in a week and a half to go to Texas to start a new life, though i’ll only be there for a few months since my ultimate goal is Las vegas I still will have to call Texas my home for a decent amount of time.  I wonder what it will be like? It’s one thing to visit a place to shoot porn, but to actually move? I’m fairly nervous but so excited. My website will be unstoppable when I get to texas with all the content i’m going to pump out not to mention all the help I will get from my girl friend. If there are any site members who are near texas or want to fly to me and shoot for my website then let me know. could use a few good men 😉 hope to hear from you, love you all!

Jamie French is here!

My loving, caring g/f is here from Texas helping me make more sexy content for you all. I picked her up early in the morning around 5:30am and we went home and crashed. Today we have been planning my big move to texas and our plans for the future including making music, video game reviews, and hot hot porn. We have many goals we wish to obtain such as surgeries and our move to Las Vegas so show us support by subscribing to my site. I love you all! xoxo

Video Preview: I’m a Dirty Housewife



Interviewed by Wendy Williams

1. Tell us about your school life?

It’s been pretty good so far in fact it’s pretty boring. I wake up, go to school, do my homework and repeat. It’s very rare something interesting happens at my school. I am very social but it seems most people don’t want to get to know you and are there strictly for studies. I’ve been hit on a lot at school, but never by someone I found interesting enough to be romantically involved with. I actually try to stay as far away from the school as possible when I’m not at class. It’s not a fun environment to be around, the after school clubs and activities are a bit fun, but it’s a pain to find parking.
2. When was your first sexual experience?
My first sexual experience that I can remember was around the age of thirteen. The experience was with a girl who was also thirteen and we were just playing around and stuff, exploring. It was a bit awkward for us both but we knew enough of what we were doing to have some safe fun. I enjoyed it though I was a bit nervous considering how intimate we were for our age.
3. What was the first Porn involving “Transsexuals” you found/seen?
I found out about transsexual porn when I was young, around fifteen if I recall correctly. I couldn’t put a finger on what exactly was different about me until I discovered you could change your gender online and that there were a lot of people like me out there. This of course got me very curious and I came upon (quite literally) Transsexual porn. So I discovered my love for transsexuals around the same time I discovered I was one. This was also one of the happiest day’s of my life since now I knew why I was different, what I had to do, and if I started now I would get great results. As for the content of the porn itself? it was just a solo transsexual woman, and that’s all I needed.
4. When did you decide to start living your life as a transsexual woman?
I started Transitioning around late seventeen after my ex fiance and I split. She couldn’t stand to be with a woman so she broke off the engagement. Though it was heartbreaking I also left the relationship hitting the ground running. In my mind I lost out on a wife, but I would have been miserable if I didn’t transition anyway’s plus now I had nothing to hold me back. I immediately started to transition. first thing I did was come out to everyone I knew, friends, work, and family. I told my dad I was Trans first because I knew he would take it the hardest and after telling him everyone else would be a breeze. Telling work was simple as was the news to my friends and the rest of my family. I didn’t run into much resistance which helped a lot in the long run.

Second and third thing I had to do was get my hormones and name change. I did these goals at the same time to save me time and transition as fast as I possibly could. Both involve a bit of waiting. Took three months of therapy then a doctor was chosen for me and viola! Hormones! The name change and getting the F on my license took just as long. Pay a fee to change your name, wait three months for your scheduled court date, go to court and get your name change approved legally by a judge. So after all that was said and done I just played the waiting game and grew up to be a beautiful girl.
5. What made you decide to start doing Porn?
I actually started because I was down on my luck. I always wanted to at least try porn. I was fascinated by it and thought I would do very well in it, but I already had a great job, a girlfriend who loved me for me, and a fantastic car. So there was no real reason for me to even get into porn. Then one terrible terrible month all that was taken a way. My car was totaled by some jackass in a huge truck who wasn’t paying attention, I was laid off from my great job 2 weeks later, and a week later my girlfriend broke up with me. So I was a bit devastated to build up such a great life only to lose it so easily. I was offered to go to LA and shoot some porn, and since I had nothing to lose now I took the opportunity. I was successful at all the shoots I did in LA and people loved me so I decided that I would make some sort of career out of the adult entertainment industry. That is how I started my porn career.

6. On Twitter you talk about your love of games, etc…….tell us about this love, some of your favorite games, etc?
I just want everyone to know that I LOVE GAMES! I have been a hardcore gamer most of my life and it is my biggest hobby by far. I love the breathtaking visuals you can’t see anywhere else. I love the challenges the present me and how they work my mind. I love playing them with my friends and starting rivalries. I love going at it solo to be immersed in the detail and deep stories. They are a great way to relieve stress, kill time, and develop skills. There is a game out there for everyone! From incredibly difficult and complicated games like Demon’s Souls to basic games anyone can pick up and play like Angry Birds or desktop Solitaire. Games are an amazing form of entertainment that is constantly evolving. You will be very hard pressed finding another porn star as deeply involved into video games as much as I am, let alone just the transsexual porn community. I have over 3,000 videos games and Counting. I’m Starting to lose track.

I am planning on releasing you tube videos of my own very soon. The videos will be my personal reviews on many great (and not so great) video games. I want to not only make these videos because it’s a passion of mine, but also for my fans and game lovers alike. I think after the first few episodes the ball will start rolling. I am determined to see this succeed even if I must stumble a bit. As for my favorite games I have a few. My favorite video game developer is Insomniac. They brought me favorites like the original spyro trilogy, and my favorite game franchise of all the Ratchet and Clank series. I am also a fan of many popular games such as the Uncharted series, Metal Gear Solid series, the Tales series, Resident Evil series, the Sly Cooper series, and countless more. But I also love the really obscure games that no one has really hard of, or games that have been over shadowed/ Examples of these include Baiten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean (just rolls of the tongue huh) , Folklore, War of the monsters, and Ghost Hunter. I play games from Atari all the way to the PS 3(which is my favorite console at this time) My favorite video game ever has to be Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction.
7. You primary date women/ts, what is it about a woman’s body and or personality turns you on?

I just love the femininity of women. Their soft skin, their smell, their frame, just them as a whole. I have all those qualities and those are the same qualities I look for in a partner. They also seem to have personalities that just suit my taste more. It’s hard to pick specifics since so many women differ in appearance and personality. I just know what I’m attracted to and I go with it.
8. Describe how you felt the first scene you did?

I loved it. I was a bit nervous. It was with another transsexual porn star and I was very excited if a bit nervous. The scene involved me kissing her, topping her in various positions, and the big climax at the end. The scene came out well and was very popular. it also kicked off my porn career. The scene was shot by buddy wood, he’s a great guy and a good friend. My nerves disappeared quickly leaving only passionate sex. Was a great time and it was the first of many.
9. You recently launched, what can members expect, about your updates, etc?

Members can expect some of the hottest transsexual content around. It’s also the best place to see me and interact with me. I Have a blog that delves deep into my personal life and I do weekly cam shows for members. I will be updating my site with some very unique content that reflects my personality and some more hardcore action involving your favorite New England porn star. I also plan on doing special cam shows where I play games in the nude for members into the geeky gamer girl stuff. I love my fans and want to deliver the content they want. I am very social with my fans and encourage them to interact with me.
10. Whets your favorite scene and with whom you have done thus far?

My favorite scene was with a up and coming female porn star names Jenika. She is a sweet and sexy 19 year old who experienced her first TS experience with me and loved it. The scene was passionate and felt incredibly natural (for a porn scene anyway’s) and would love to work with her again. It was incredibly fun and the photographer was great and I love shooting in Las Vegas. We fucked on a couch and a pool table in a retro styled room. It had a perfect atmosphere and if you watch the scene you could see the pleasure we both got out of the scene. it’s up on right now.

11. What is a typical day like for Tiffany?

It all depends. If it’s a work day it’s usually shower, get ready, grab breakfast, work, then go party or see a friend, then depending how the night turns out I either get laid then sleep, or just go to sleep. On a free day? I run errands, see friends, work out, shop, see my g/f, and play a game or two….hundred. I like to have fun so I go to clubs a lot to dance and meet new people. I also like to relax by going out to see a movie or grab dinner. I am a very fun and easy going girl. Sometimes I have game nights where 3 or 4 of my friends come over and play games all night. Sometimes I throw parties and invite just about all my friends which usually has a pretty good turn out. It’s rare I’ll go to bars and drink but I do socially. I’m usually open to anything fun and safe so I usually just go with the flow each day and live it to the fullest.
12. What is your favorite food?

Favorite food? hmm well I would have to say chicken Wings. They are just so delicious, and yes I know they are very unhealthy for me but still I just love them. Crispy yes juicy and easy to pick apart.

13. You recently came back from the Tranny Awards and L. A. what all did you do while there and anything fans can expect?

I went to the tranny awards with my girlfriend to see old friends, meet new ones, and just network. I did a runway interview I’m sure fans may enjoy watching and I have a lot of pictures from the awards. It was great seeing my old friends and making new ones. I also met a couple fans and was very happy to meet them, the feeling seemed mutual. It was mostly a private award show that was more about celebrating all that the transsexual porn industry has brought to the table and not much about shooting any content so content from there is usually limited to personal photos and tranny award winner speeches.
14. Tell us about your newest relationship?

I am in a relationship with a fellow TS porn star Jamie french. She is super awesome and fun to be around. She is very smart and I care about her very much. We are moving in together soon and she will be helping me with my video game reviews as well as shooting content for my web site. We are both planning on getting more surgeries and we both couldn’t be happier. She’s a very talented woman who can film and edit like a genius. She also has a determination when my own fails me. She is in a way my muse.
15. What would you like to tell your fans?

That they are the ones that help put me where I am and give me my porn star status. Without them porn stars would be out of a job. You should love ad appreciate your fans and I want them to know I do. I also want to thank them for supporting my web site, dvds, and other scenes I’m involved with. I hope to be around for a long time and make more hot content and I hope with your continued support that I can thrive in the porn industry. Thank you! xoxo

Sexy/weird dreams

SO the other day I went to be and I had 2 weird dreams. The first was me on my way to the movie theater but for some reason it was in a train station that looked like it was designed by Willy Wonka. I went there with my friend Tim to see….get this, Gremlins 3! So for some reason I was very excited to see this movie but we were early. I went to go use the restroom while Tim went to go get snacks but it turns out the women’s bathroom was gigantic, but despite how large it was it was packed and the line came out of the bathroom door so I said never mind i’ll hold it.

So I went back to Tim and he bought all his goodies but none of mine, So I decided to go grab some food of my own so I went to a bakery (inside the theater) and this cute girl was there selling cookies and cakes. I tried to get a piece of pie, but it turns out the pie she wanted to give me wasn’t the pie I originally asked for. She grabbed me and pulled me behind the counter and started taking off her clothes…then I woke up…Dammit!

One rest rom break later I went back to bed only to drift off into an even hotter dream. I can’t remember the entire dream but I was at and all Tgirl summer camp and they all wanted a piece of my girl cock. I remember having sex and making friends and having some of the girls act jealous. I also participated in summer camp activities. It was a hot summer camp, we had to wear skimpy outfits the whole summer. This dream was a lot better than the previous one, though the last one was still entertaining. This dram has inspired me to make either a DVD about it or a scene from my dream. I will try to set that scene up as soon asI move!

Video Preview fucking Sarina Valentina


ENJOY THE VIDEO PREVIEW, me fucking Sarina Valentina!

Fixing my sleep schedule

Seems every time I travel (mainly to LA) I screw up my sleeping habits due to jet lag. For the past 2 weeks i’ve been staying up ridiculous hours of the night/morning however I think I finally fixed the problem. I went to bed at a reasonable hour after my members cam show and I think now I will be fine! However when I move to texas this may change yet again so let’s hope I fix it permanently this time. In other news my first members weekly webcam show has been a blast, the turn out was pretty decent even though the time was off due to daylights savings time. since today I don’t have too many errands I may just relax. Today I help out my ex g/f with money i owe her and grab lunch at Chili’s (my fav!), I need to buy box’s for my move with my new g/f, and maybe visit my friend chris. 

Fucking Kimber James


Kimber James is one if not one of the most popular Transsexual Pornstars of our genre and I was so excited to work with her.  Kimber is a petite hot blonde with huge tits and a great ass.  Looking up and seeing her bounce up and down on my large cock was so hot and I was ready to bust.  As you see from the pictures I was rock hard and ready to fuck Kimber James ass hard!  Again I love the female body whether a cock attached or not and this was so much fun.  Please join my site and see me fuck Kimber’s ass!



Tiffany fun with Ava Devine


Ava Devine is an ICON and a freak.  We all know that I love pussy and nothing hotter than a threesome where Tom and I can tagteam Ava.  This scene is so hot from licking her pussy, giving her a DP, worshiping her big breast and finally fucking.  If you enjoy seeing Ava in action or me with a hot female than this is one of the many scenes you can find on my official website, ENJOY!