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The wonderful world of skylanders













So I hate to admit it but I love skylanders. A multiplatform game where you collect little figures that come to life once you put them on the “portal of power” and you can upgrade them RPG stye and go on an epic quest. Now lets be honest this game is designed more for kids than adults, but adults still enjoy the whole gotta catch’em all craze pokemon started.


So recently I have been finding a bunch of hard to find skylanders and i feel I have no choice but to pick them up cause…well…they are hard to find. So I felt myself dropping a ridiculous amount of cash on them. I am actually almost done my collection. It’s both a relief and sad lol. So that’s whats going on with your gamer girl today. more blogs soon since i have a lot more things to talk about then plastic figures. xoxo


Tiffany, Katie and Alia Threesome



Nothing  like a hot female so what about two hot females?  I loved working with Katie and Alia and hope to see them again soon.  If you love seeing a t-girl having hot action with females then look no further than my website.  I love the female body from their big breast to the soft skin as I caress their body.  Whether a guy, girl or another TS I will always be open with my sexuality.



Dvd Release: Bang My Tranny Ass 10














Mancini Productions distributed by Exquisite released “Bang My Tranny Ass 10” on April 16th. Sammy Mancini is one of the top Producers of Transsexual Erotica with his flagship line “Shemale Strokers”. East Coast Newcomer Sensations Tiffany Starr and Wendy Summers join an all-star cast; Cover Girl TeighJiana, Jordan Jay, Joanna Jet, and Sadie Hawkins. Both Tiffany and Wendy have both already been featured in a Mancini Production release this year. Fans of seeing transsexual women taking the “bottom” role will enjoy these four hot hardcore scenes with some interesting pairings. Tiffany Starr is paired up with Superstar Joanna Jet in some mutual versatile action while Wendy Summers also enjoys some tgirl/tgirl action with Sadie Hawkins.


Show me Yours, I’ll Show you Mine!

















Let’s play a game.  I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.  Whomever has the biggest cock is the bottom, hehe.  Sadly we were around the same size with nice big cocks so I started off teasing his tan cock in my shemale mouth, licking my lips and spitting on the head of his cock, yum!



Beginning youtube video game reviews soon!

So I am really motivated to make a bunch of fun, funny, and interesting video game reviews once I hit texas. First i will unpack, then pot an ad, then shoo for my site, and then beging with my reviews. I have so many games both good and bad to review so I am excited. From well known games like Skyward Sword and God of War, to terrible games like Spyro enter the dragonfly, and Biker Mice from Mars n ps2. I even have mediocre and obscure games such as Billy Hatcher and the Giant egg, Enchanted Arms, Blasto, and so much more. I will be reviewing and playing games from atari-the current generation consoles. This will include nes, Snes, Genesis, Atari, GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP, PSVita, Ps1, Ps2, Ps3, xbox, xbox360, GC, Wii, N64, Dreamcast, and so many more.  I want to hear your ideas for my reviews. What would you like to see? any specific games? outfits? I am sure i’ll provide you with a lot of fun and entertainment.  So let me know what you think in the comments or my twitter/facebook/fetlife.

Lots of Updates and fun at Anime Boston!

I am happy to announce I will be on the road in 2 days t texas with Jamie. I will be packing up my computer and be offline for 2-3 days during my terrible drive to Texas. We spent 3 days at anime boston. day 1: We went shopping and checked out the artist alley. I bought a few games 3 for N64 and 2 for Xbox. I also got one rare game for PS2.  I will begin my video game reviews as son as i set up my systems. I have so many to play it will be a treat! I may start with the original Spyro trilogy on PS1 or PSX. I don’t want to just have boring blogs like the rest of the girls. I want to pursue my passion for gaming and become a critic.  Also I will be doing a free cam show next week, but this week I have to be busy with the move.


I love you all and stay tuned for more updates, bot on my blog and my website. Also check out my latest updates, sexy red outfit video, and sexy double blow job scene!

come see me at anime boston today through sunday! free autograph signings and pictures! I am super geeky and will be playing magic the gathering, videogames and cruising the artist alley. I will also be attending the rave and adult nights. Jamie french will also be there so don’t delay!

Posing on the Orange Couch with a toy!











Sometimes if you are alone you have to make due with whats available to play with.  I am all dressed up when I see this neat multi colored vibrator and decide it’s time to fuck my ass with it.  I bend over in doggie and begin to thrust it in and out as my 8″ cock gets hard and I moan.  Every time the camera flashes I get so turned on knowing you my fans will be watching me.  I hope you like my little pinkish red panties with my bulge in them.  If you join my site you get access to tons of photo’s of me and also HD videos of me in solo and hardcore action.