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She-Male Strokers 53 (New DVD Release)






















New TS Starlet Tiffany Starr has quickly went from a newcomer to appearing in her sixth DVD release of the year thus far. “She-Male Strokers 53” was released May 29th by award winning Producer Sammy Mancini of Shemale Strokers. Seven Transsexuals strip, stroke and splooge! Tiffany joins Eva Lin, Sunshyne Monroe, Sadie Hawkins, Jordan Jay, Bora Gin and Addy Rose. In her scene Tiffany is dressed in a Strawberry Shortcake typed costume with stockings and hat. Tiffany continues to produce exclusive content for her site and currently is working on doing video game reviews with a special twist.


“ is one of my favorite sites to shoot for. I always have fun on set whether I am playing alone or with a co-star. If you like seeing me in solo action then grab this DVD for sure” says Tiffany.


Check out Tiffany at her Official web site, or Interviews and Questions can be directed to Wendy Williams at

Why I missed my camshow and my surgery

Funny thing is the reason i missed the camshow was because of my surgery. Not many of my fans know this but I wear contacts at times as well as glasses. Well after my move to texas I figured instead of finding an eye doctor i would just get lasik to save me some money. So I spent all day yesterday and today setting up and preparing for the surgery. I have to put eye drops in constantly tonight and I’m not allowed to have make up or expose myself too much to certain things before my surgery. My surgery is also taking play at 4:30 am in the morning so Tonight was my preparation night. I will make up for the missed show by doing 2 shows next week. one on Tuesday and one Thursday so keep an eye out on both days. thank you and next time you see me I’ll be happy as a clam with my new eyes!….or blind.

Playing with Angelina Torres


















French beauty Angelina Torres was visiting the U.S and I couldn’t wait to grab and play with her ass.  We put on some cute lingerie and began touching, stroking and finally sucking.  If you like to see two TS ladies getting naughty then enjoy this tease of Angelina and I.







Diablo 3! Play with Tiffany Starr!









So my latest addiction comes in the form of a computer game. Now I do play computer games but not as often as my console games so when I heard about Diablo 3 I was actually looking forward to buying a pc game again since it’s been a while.

With my new computer it runs beautifully and is an amazingly addictive game! I decided to play as a demon hunter and she kicks ass. as a long range specialist I specialize in traps, crossbows, and little minions such as a summoned crow, or spider. I am currently level 23 and still working on ACT II. I would love to play with some of my site members as a bonus for being a member so if you play let me know by leaving a comment on this post.

I also want to go through the game again at the highest difficulty so 4 players will be essential. So far I have to rate this game a 8/10 but i’ll decide the final score once i’m done. Also I will go into more detail at a later date and maybe use this game for one of my game reviews.

Magic the Gathering Tourney tonight!












Hi everyone! So today is Friday and tonight is Friday Night Magic! I will be pitted against the hardiest of nerds and will put my decks to the test. I recently have created a

nasty burn deck that is sure to infuriate many a player tonight. My deck involves 2 main cards. One being chain reaction, and another being….well I don’t want to spoil it 😉 I am also making a zombie/mill EDH (commander) deck that should be finished shortly.

I was also asked back by to do 2 more shoots for and to shoot for Devil’s Film again when I’m down in LA. I am also making new content for my site this week including one hardcore shoot that I am sure you’ll find incredibly sexy.


Wish me luck for tonight and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

3 shoots being shot for also AVENGERS and battleship.








So I am shooting today. 3 sets. and one will be a hardcore with Jamie French. Pretty girl with small breasts and loves anal. I have to get ready soon but I wanted to update everyone about my activities.


I recently saw the Avengers movie and I thought it was quite good for a comic book movie. The hulk stole the show for me.  I did wish captain america did a little more ( just a little), but other than that great flick. I would recommend anyone into comic books or action movies to see it. It was also surprisingly funny.

On a side not I am still not sure how they are making an epic looking alien attack movie out or a board game. that’s right i’m talking about battleship ( and I guarantee they will make a new battleship based off the movie) the board game of old. It’s been a while since i’ve played and though I should feel excited to see the movie…I feel like I saw the whole thing already just from previews. I also didn’t like how they put the trailer together. “they are shooting us what do we do?” “we shoot back!” lame…


Interracial Loving!












Maui has a nice large tan cock and I loved taking his cock into my ass.  Watch the preview as I moan as he gets deeper and deeper into my tight shemale hole.  On my official website you will see me do it all so don’t waste no time and join now.  Nothing like fucking a tight pussy one day and the next taking a nice large tan cock into my ass.




Another Dvd Release “Transsexual Cheerleaders 9”























TS Porn Starlet Tiffany Starr joins the cast and cover of Devils Film April 30th, 2012 release of “Transsexual Cheerleaders 9”. Joining Tiffany are Danika Dreams, Nelly Taylor, and Unique Murcielago. These four t-girls are ready to cheer their way to good sex. For her short career Tiffany has continued to be a big presence in the transsexual genre. This year she has already starred in five DVD releases; America’s Next Top Tranny 14, T-Girls Solo, T-Girl Hotties 8, and Bang My Tranny Ass 10. She continues to update her Official website,, and is very active with her social networks like Twitter, Facebook and her blog. With all this it’s easily to see why she is one of the most sought after new starlets of the transsexual genre!


“I hope my fans love the scene I did as I really wanted to be a good yet naughty cheerleader for them. Please go out and grab one of my latest DVD releases and let me know how you liked it” says TIffany.


Check out Tiffany at her Official web site, or Interviews and Questions can be directed to Wendy Williams at










Back to school / absent from cam show

Hi everyone. I want to first apologize for missing my scheduled cam show. My computer was acting up and though I could get on the site i could not broadcast. I will be doing a cam show very soon and this time I won’t disappoint.

Now on to my next topic….SCHOOL! 😀 I am going back to school. Today I am going to see about joining the University of Texas. I still have some courses to finish so if all goes well I’ll be able to have my degree in 1-2 years.

At the moment I am seeking grants so if you know of any please let me know. love you all! xoxo


PS: shooting new content for you this monday cause i love ya.