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Dark Souls…. in other words, AHHHH I hate this game!

Ok to be honest this game is awesome however at thus very moment it;s making my blood boil. For those of you who don’t know or play games then let me explain. Dark souls is the spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls, A game that was high in difficulty and frustration Dark Souls is no exception…This game is Hard! I mean it’s harder than me with two hot transsexuals blowing me, it’s THAT HARD. Let me tell you about my most recent play session. I trid beating this boss gold the Iron Golem. Now with an upgraded weapon he’s still hard but not as difficult, I however didn’t want to waste materials upgrading a weapon so I tried beating the bastard with my regular weapon ( BTW my regular weapon is pretty strong) And I kept dying. How? It took him only 2 swings or a grab to kill me and I only did a sliver of damage with each hit, then sometimes I would get him close to dying then he would hit me and fling me off the roof and kill me (oh yea did I mention I could fall off the platform?)  This douche took me like 20 tries and made me frustrated. Afterwards I was doing fairly well. went to a new area and kicked ass but then…i was sucked into a painting. In this world I met heavy resistance and met things that i was not prepared to fight. I get to the end and what do i see? a boss, a really really annoying boss that went invisible…..what a dick.


I think you should all try and play this game, it’s fun and it’s rewarding when you overcome an obstacle, just keep in mind it has a habit of making you want to crush your controller.

HAving sex with my real life girlfriend on my site!

A lot of you may not know this but Addy Rose from one of my most recent updates is in fact my real life girlfriend. I’ve been dating her for a while now and we care about each other a lot. I thought you would all find it hotter that she agreed to shoot for my site. We may plan another shoot too and we will be on webcam Thursday for all of you site members to enjoy at 8pm east. love you all and thanks for the support and love of my content

Back from my 2 week trip

First I would like to Apologize for not doing my last two camshows. I did explain I would be unable to because i was in LA 2 weeks ago and MA last week. I will be on next week with Abby. A TS girl I’m dating. We will perform hot lesbian sex for you all. The webcam i use has been having issues so I’m trying to fix them

Since i’ve been gone I have a lot to talk about. I just bought the ratchet and clank HD collection. Best collection ever! As you all know i’m the TS gaming princess of the porn world and my collection is vast. Out of all the games I own my favorite series has been the ratchet and clank series. Colorful, inventive, challenging, and fun.

I also have a new girl friend. her porn name is Addy Rose but she left the industry. She is moving in with me soon and we are very happy together. She’s obsessed with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 right now so we’ve been playing that a lot.

More blog updates coming soon so stay tuned!